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The following projects are under active development.

Agami: Scalable Streaming Visualization

(Collaboration with the USF VGL)

Agami provides live-updating, interactive visualizations over streaming data. We leverage in-memory data sketches to summarize and aggregate information to be visualized, and also allow users to query future feature values by leveraging online machine learning models. Our approach facilitates low-latency, iterative exploration of data streams and can scale out incrementally to handle increasing stream velocities and query loads.

Visit the Github Organization for more information about the project.

Publications: Lu et al. Agami: Scalable Visual Analytics over Multidimensional Data Streams. Proceedings of the 7th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Big Data Computing, Applications and Technologies (BDCAT) 2020.

Quantum Criticism

Conceived by Ted Gioia, Quantum Criticism is an umbrella of projects around news data and analysis. This includes sub-projects:


Fire Progression

Can you predict the path of a wildfire? We think we can… using a deep neural network and lots of historical data. If successful, this could give people in danger enough time to leave a fire-affected area. The “we” in this case are:

Conversational Styles

What makes one speaker sound polite and another person sound aggressive? It’s probably the speaker’s conversational style – their pace, pitch, the words they use. In this project, Rashmi Nagpal, Faaz Arshad and David Guy Brizan investigate whether the conversational styles are tied to demographics like gender, education, etc.

Archived Projects

The following projects are no longer under active development, but have open source releases and are often are used as the basis for future work.